What is the Micro-Sharing?

Micro-sharing is an innovative concept that allows you to choose whether to share products and services you purchase. It gives you the opportunity to contribute to a better, more equitable and sustainable distribution of resources arround the world.


On which products can I find the Project-Aqua’s logo?

In the initial phase of the project, the sticker for the Micro-Sharing is present on the single bottles (0,5dl) and on the four-packs of our local Gazusa (flavour lemon and mandarin) available in the shops of Migros Ticino.


How do I share my drink?

To share the drink, you have to peel off the barcode sticker.
The bottle and the four-pack are provided with the double barcode.

If you do not peel off the sticker, the price remains normal: 1.50 CHF for the single bottle and 6.00 CHF for the four-pack.

If you peel off the sticker, the second barcode present on the bottle’s label is scanned at the checkout. Thus, the price includes the Micro-Sharing amount (+ 0.20 CHF for a single bottle and +0.80 CHF for a four-pack).


How much do I Micro-Share with the four-pack?

The Micro-Sharing amount of a bottle multiplied by four

0.20 CHF x 4 =  0.80 CHF = 188 days of clean drinking water for one person in Mali


How does the 100% model work?

The companies and institutions participating in the project cover the administrative costs of Project-Aqua. Project-Aqua ensures that the full amount (100%) of the micro-sharing (0.20 CHF) is donated to the partner Helvetas.


How efficient is Helvetas?

Helvetas is one of the most efficient NGOs operating in the water sector. Form the entire amount, 89% is directly sent to the field in Mali and 2.7% are used to cover project related costs in Switzerland. Only 4.7% are used for fundraising and 3.6% for administration.


What is the “Progetto Ticino”?

The goal of this project is to contribute to the construction of a well in Mali – Africa. Starting the 6th of June you can participate by buying the Projet-Aqua labeled products sold in the shops of Migros Ticino.


How is the social impact number calculated (i.e. 0.20 CHF = 47 days of drinking water for one person in Mali)?

Within the project Jikura, the average cost to build or rehabilitate a water well in the Bougouni region is 12,700 CHF. From a single water well benefit an average of 330 people for 25 years [or 9’125 days]. The formula is the following:

0.20 CHF / [(12,700 CHF / 330 people) / 9’125 days)] = 47 days