Project-aqua is a pilot project of the Micro-Sharing concept. This test on the market will allow us to empirically test the added value for all stakeholders and determine the positive statistical correlation between the brand and a product sales increase.


The magic of Micro-Sharing is its scalability, in fact, our concept can be introduced in all sorts of products or services to promote various projects (e.g. project-school, project-energy, project-transportation, project-garments, etc.).


Our brand, applied to your products, may:
♦ generate more sales,
♦ add a digital dimension to the product,
♦ optimize the Corporate Social Responsibility efforts of your company,
♦ improve your image and corporate identity, while creating a transparent and sustainable social impact.


If you want to add a social dimension (the Micro-Sharing concept) to your products or services, or if you are corporate client (press included) and want to contact us, please fill out the following form.


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