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This [↑] is the number of days of water collected since January!


Impact diary 2'016:

6 years and 29 days of clean drinking water

for an entire village in Ourou, Mali! (Days collected: 732'260)

status: 31.12.2016


With your sharing you helped create a water well that will give access to drinking water to about 330 people for the next 25 years in the area of Bougouni in Mali Africa. The construction of this water well is part of a larger project called "Jikura" (translated: fresh water) managed by our partner Helvetas.

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The project will provide access to clean water to approximately 40'000 people of the District of Bougouni and improve sanitation infrastructure to 25'000 people.

Helvetas follows the project closely in order to ensure long term success.


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The project provides a total and sustainable solution that includes:

♦ The infrastructures that enhance access to safe drinking water

♦ The sanitation infrastructures and education program for the local population regarding hygiene practices

♦ The guarantee of long-term sustainability by developing the necessary capabilities between local people and authorities

♦ The network of local communities that promotes the exchange of experience and knowledge




Only in 2015 the project Jikura has achieved the following:

♦ 7'600 people had access to drinking water

♦ 19 wells built or renewed

♦ 4 solar powered wells built

♦ 5 public latrines were built

♦ 5 public facilities provided with sanitary sets



Jikura project's costs are:

♦ Renewal of water well: CHF 5’000-6’000

♦ Build traditional water well: CHF 17’000

♦ Build solar powered water well: CHF 20'000

♦ Sanitation infrastructure for a school: CHF 5'500




Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world (# 179 out of 188 Nations) according to the UN Human Development Index4.

♦ 78.1% of the population lives on less than 2 CHF per day

♦ The life expectancy is 58 years

♦ Illiteracy is very high. 2 adults out of 3 cannot read or write

♦ 12% of infant mortality

In recent years, since the intervention of France in early 2013 to combat rebel groups, the political and security situation has improved gradually. Presidential and parliamentary elections took place in the second half of that year. In addition, a peace agreement between the Government and several rebel groups was signed in may 2015. However, the situation is still unstable: in 2015 there has been a series of terrorist attacks in the Central and southern regions of the nation. Our partner Helvetas could still continue the development of its projects.5





Helvetas, active in Mali since 1977, focuses mainly on water supply, agriculture, education, and promotion of peace.

The activities include:

♦ Support to local communities in carrying out their duties of public utility

♦ Promoting an active participation in the democratic process

♦ Creating projects in close collaboration with local authorities, the population and the private sector